What to Check on Your Final Walk-Through

What to Check on Your Final Walk-Through.

The final walk-through on your new home is an exciting event. It means you have successfully maneuvered through negotiations, inspections, and financing approval, and are on the verge of signing your closing papers. Most buyers attend the final walk-through with thoughts of furniture placement and paint colours in their heads. But the walk-through is about more than just making sure your favourite chair will fit by the fireplace. This is our time to do our due diligence to make sure there are no issues that should be resolved before closing day.

The purpose of the final walk-through is to be certain that the home is being conveyed to you in the same condition it was when you agreed to purchase it. Here are a few of the things we would be checking together during the final walk through: (Pro Tip: I like to book this at the max 2-3 days before closing day, as there is a better chance it is now vacant from the sellers and we can really ensure there has been no damage to the home and property).

1. Make sure no damage has occurred to the home that the sellers are responsible for repairing. Weather conditions or careless movers can cause accidental damage, and old and forgotten damage may be uncovered when the sellers’ belongings are removed.

2. Check that appliances are still in working order and no new plumbing or electrical issues have popped up. While this isn’t the time to be doing a complete home inspection, you can visually check for obvious problems that should be repaired before you move in.

3. Confirm that items contractually conveying are present. If the sellers agreed to leave any furniture, equipment, etc. this is the time to see that it has not been removed.

4. Make certain the sellers have removed all their belongings. You don’t want to arrive with the moving truck only to find out that the sellers left behind an assortment of unwanted furniture or trash. The sellers should be held responsible for removing everything that wasn’t mentioned in the offer.

I have helped many clients through good and bad final walk throughs. The purpose isn’t to walk away from the deal if there is issues, but ensure we figure them out together so you close on your new home and can ensure you have no issues moving in.

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