Should I Use a Local REALTOR®?

Should I Use a Local REALTOR®?

This question, “Should I use a local REALTOR?” has been plaguing buyers & sellers from all ages & aspects of life. Unfortunately, the answers you read are often the same old boring sno-re-easons… Well… get ready to find this article to be a bit different… and blunt.

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest and most impacted investments of a person’s life and is no matter to take lightly!

Short and sweet, the main reason why you want to, and down-right should, use a local REALTOR® is because we know the market!

Many of use were born, raised and have settled in the community where we are located. Now that is dedication… don’t you agree? It is a true bank of knowledge you won’t really find anywhere else!

I mean I can list some of the merits to having a local REALTOR® from the area you are moving to such as the fact we:

  • Understand the area
  • Know the school districts & quality of education offered
  • Recognize recreational activities available in given area
  • Identify the true ease of rush hour traffic
  • Know the ACTUAL noise in a neighbourhood
  • Heck we can even tell you in what area you will feel the ground shake beneath your home’s foundation
    because of a non-visible nearby train passing by twice a day!

Back to the laundry list of reasons why you should use a local REALTOR®, … well local Realtors can:

  • Help predict where your investment will appreciate a.k.a. grOW in value!
  • Sell your property for top value in the given area
  • Offer proper comparable propertes in your market area
  • Identify pet friendly areas where there are many dog parks
  • Indicate where there are upcoming or possible developments set up
  • In other words…. You see the beautiful field that has been the selling factor behind your home …. It’s your all time favourite thing about the property … ya… have you pictured this beauty of a property ….. Well ……. FORGET ABOUT IT!!! Move on to the next viewing because in 6 months it will be the excavation area for a new condominium development project…
  • Again, this is something a local REALTOR® will or at least should most definitely be aware of, to make sure you are happy with your investment.

Truthfully, the list of reasons is quite honestly…. an endless one. While there are some funny facts as to why you should be using a local REALTOR®, like the fact they will even know urban legends around a home …. “spooky stuff… there’s also the realistic aspects that simply put local REALTORS® know the area best.

This allows for you to move forward in good confidence with your house hunt…. If… for some reason your local home REALTOR® wants to be a hero and service you throughout all of Ontario … even though they have never set foot outside the city boundary … then &*%&$*%&%(#)$*%*% … wow… are my thoughts ….

However, if you want to entertain them it is your decision in the end… all I can do is offer some kind advice, as I have done so above.

Be vigilant, be aware and please be aware of the reasons why you should use a local REALTOR®. It is for your own best interest and security as a home buyer, or seller.

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