I help you every step of the process.

Are you selling your home, or thinking about selling your home in the Brantford-Brant County area?

You need to consider many factors when making the decision to sell your home. There is more to think about than just the selling price. To get the price you desire, you need to think about the agency you choose, and Agent you work with. You want to choose someone who has excellent negotiating skills and a great awareness on social media, not to mention someone who can advertise your home in the best way. These are Kim Bailey-Brown’s specialty and make her the right REALTOR® for you. Helping you through these factors on the way to selling your home for the top dollar!

Kim has been selling homes in the area for 16 years and knows the market inside and out with a strong agent presence, one of the best in the area!

Kim is an excellent negotiator, with vast experience dealing in this market. Let her handle this tough process for you, to get the price you want, and deserve.

Let Kim Put Your Best Face Forward

Let Kim arrange the best photographs of your home by having professional photographers take them. You want only the best images to be displayed of your home, and this greatly enhances the likelihood of you getting the price you are looking for.

You want a strong social media presence from your sales associate, and someone who uses their platforms to advertise your house to a wide audience. With a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and search hits on Google, Kim Bailey will make sure your home is displayed online to the largest amount of viewers.

Another factor to consider is whether your house will be displayed online on websites like MLS® and others. You want your home to be viewed by the largest online audience possible, and Redline and Kim can help in this area.

You may ask how will your home be advertised, and will it make it into ads in the local paper? Local offline advertising is still a valuable resource for getting your home out there and into the minds of buyers. Similarly, you want to consider how your house will be staged and shown to prospective buyers. Kim is an expert in this area and experienced. Leave it into her hands to show your home and show why it is a must-have property.

Communication Is Key

Lastly, communication is key with my sellers. I want you to be involved in every step of the process, and it is important that we trust in each other. I promise to find the best price for your home, and to take into consideration all the complex factors that are involved. Whether it is finding the right professional photography and being listed on social media, or to staging your house in the best way possible, I am the right person to sell your home.