Burford… the friendliest town in Ontario

Between the large cities of London and Hamilton and the smaller cities of Brantford and Woodstock there is a magical little town called Burford. With just under 2000 residents, it is considered a small town but here you will find a large sense of community. You can walk to the post office and chat with the friendly postal ladies who know just about everyone. Walk to the local farm fresh fruit stand, bakery or grocery store. The Home Hardware staff who manage the lumber not only help you build your dream home, they also build relationships with all of the regulars. Coffee and conversations are a common sight on any given day.

Burford offers many opportunities for people to connect and feel part of their community. The local newspaper, The Burford Advance, does a fantastic job of keeping everyone in tune with events like the Christmas parade, the town garage sale, and the programs at the Burford Library and the Agricultural Hall. There are so many ways to integrate into the town by joining groups such as the Legion, Lion’s Club, 4H, Rod & Gun Club or the Snowmobile Club.

If you are a parent you will be very happy with the great relationships your children will make. The local school, Burford Elementary, is small and the wonderful staff collaborate with parents and offer a fantastic learning experience. One of the highlights of the grade 5 students for the past 20 years is Bite of Brant; an agricultural experience at the Burford Fairgrounds where students can travel to stations and learn about all aspects of farming, livestock and food production. Lauren, a local parent, commented on Facebook that she loves being able to allow her children to bike or walk around town. The community is very tight and the children and parents all begin to know each other. All kinds of recreation and sports are also offered such as dance, hockey, baseball, soccer and more. Andrea commented on Facebook about Scoops, the local ice cream shop (to which her daughter is addicted), where people tend to linger and socialize after most sporting events.

One of the most beautiful things about living in Burford is the Lion’s Centennial Park trails. Just a two minute drive down Maple Ave, the main intersection, and you will discover this fully accessible nature park with paved and gravel trails perfect for seniors and strollers alike. The trails are short and come back around to the main entry. You can stroll along the river and in the summer see families with pants rolled up, bent over with buckets catching cray fish.

The locals are not the only ones who love this town. There are also the many families drawn to the amazing Optimist Park which has the best, enclosed splash pad around.It also has well-tended and clean soccer fields, tournament worthy baseball diamonds, all located behind the Burford Arena which offers ice in the winter and roller rink in the summer. Families come from all over weekly to enjoy all the fun this park has to offer.

One of the local residents, Cindy, shared on Facebook that she loves that our community always comes together to help out families in need. You can often see fundraising posters hanging up at the library, post office and Godfather’s pizza that are advertising ways in which our community bands together to help our neighbours who may have a child with cancer or need a special treatment for a lifelong disease. Angela, a long time local, commented on Facebook that our community is one of the most generous around and that everyone is welcoming and more than willing to help one another. This is a quality that is hard to find in today’s world and cherished by everyone who calls Burford home.

So if you are looking for the perfect place live for you and your family, then our little town of Burford is the place you want to call home… for the rest of your life.

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