So you have just made what may very well be one of the biggest investment decisions of your life… you’ve decided you want to sell and/or buy a new home!

Now it’s time for some shopping, time to find a Realtor®… and that can be a difficult task.

Do you go with a Realtor with flashy signs? Do you go with the Realtor you just saw in a commercial? The one with the most social media presence? Do you go with the local firm? Do you go with the Realtor known on a local scale versus regional? …

Well it’s time to get some answers!

So why should you hire a REALTOR® you ask? 

Real Estate Agents are professionals here to service your needs. We are members of the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) and adhere to a strict set of ethics codes. As listed on the CREA website, REALTORS® are:

  • Committed to the REALTOR® Code
  • Actively updating education
  • Knowledgeable about developments in real estate
  • Hold access broad market data and exposure

With a REALTOR® you can trust the transaction of purchasing or selling your home will be completed in a professional manner with integrity and peace of mind.




Below is a table showing the benefits and importance of using  a local Realtor.


Local Realtor

  • Understand the people, communities, hidden jewels of the area
  • Show you a future home where you can become familiar with the true neighbourhood
  • Local Realtors will have local connections allowing you to meet with the best professionals in the area, this can include: lawyers, home inspectors,
  • Knowledge of the market in trends, prices and flexibility
  • Presence is built through years of hard work, trust and dedication to a full-time profession in real estate and members of the community recognize this



Out of Town Realtor

  • Understand location is a speck on a map
  • Are not familiar with the people,
  • Don’t understand the neighbourhoods and/or communities
  • Might not be aware of anticipated development/growth plans for the area
  • May not understand the amenties that are near the potential home
  • Do not have knowledge of local real estate market trends other than from what is readily available in articles


These are only some of the reasons why it is important to shop for a Realtor on a local level. The knowledge, service and connections you can establish can save you time, money and stress through the entire process.




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