So you have decided to sell you home! YAY!!

That means you have spoken with a Realtor® (of course!) and soon you’ll be going through the exciting process of showing off your home’s design and structure.

Some wonderful staging advice includes:

1 . Remove Clutter

Time to go through the house and even start packing some of your memorabilia into storage boxes. This will help minimize the feeling that the home is already pre-owned. It will eliminate distractions and help allow potential buyers have an easier time imagining themselves living at this location. Open space also helps make rooms seem larger and grander! In addition to this, placing items in storage bins will also help ease the moving process when the home has been sold!



2. Purpose Every Room to Showcase its Uses and Features

Once de-cluttered, make sure every room is set up to demonstrate a functional use and help demonstrate the possibilities for that specific spot and the house as a whole. Convert the unused room into a home office, make sure the living room has an atmosphere of relaxation and serenity when entered and so forth… This can also help inspire and create flow throughout the house that will attract multiple buyers as well as multiple offers on the property!



3. Home Lighting

Lighting has a large impact on the first impression of a room or area. It establishes the ambiance and atmosphere, often without anyone noticing. You want to ensure the lighting is soft, welcoming and inviting throughout the home. Consider also the intended function of each room: for example, the living room should have softer lighting under which you can relax, while a home office or kitchen should have strong bright lighting to ensure you can see what you are doing.



4. Neutral and Appealing

Stick with the K.I.S.S. principle (Keep It Simple Sunshine) 🙂 Try to maintain a neutral look because in the same way no two people are identical, neither are tastes in decore. By keeping it as simple as possible, you allow the functionality of the room to be displayed, while granting room for the buyers imagination to run wild with their own dreams and home designs.

A great reference in helping stage a room is to try and incorporate some Feng Shui into the area!



5. Colour Experiment

Colours are beautiful! They brighten the day and most importantly can brighten a space! Try and be careful to chose colours that complement one another and try to capture some of the season as well. For example with spring around the corner, vibrant pinks, light greens or purples, in small doses throughout the home can help create a welcoming and spirited atmosphere.





6. Floral Accents

If you have yard space, make sure it is maintained and showcased. Throughout the home you can also add a few flowers in vases to help create a live energy in the home.





7.First Impressions Count

First impressions are very important in the world of real estate. The initial experience a buyer has as they pull up to and begin approaching the home will have a large impact on how they experience and view the rest of the home. Ensure you have curb appeal under control and just try to ensure the home has a warm and welcoming feeling throughout it.




There are several other actions that can be taken to help prepare your home for sale. As a Realtor® I can help guide and direct you to the right resources and professionals to help with the entire process.



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