So …. We have all heard some bits and pieces of information about “Smart Home Technology“. …. But for those who haven’t …. I’m sure you’re wondering what it is.

Well… “Smart Home” is when a home has appliances, lighting, entertainment systems and well pretty much anything you can think of synced and controlled through a remote. It’s like having the world within your home in the palm of your hand!


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There are so many unique gadgets and gizmos out there that it is fascinating to explore. The year 2017 in particular has brought forward very interesting advancements. Below are a few of the recent interesting gadgets and gizmos I’ve found available on the market thus far. Some are rather bizarre … while others are completely unbelievable… It truly makes me feel the future is no longer in the vast yonder but here today!


1.  Have a look at the Amazon Echo!


If you are looking for something that is the equivalent of a virtual assistant than this is one of your best options!


2 . Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Now these have been around for a while now but new advancements have made them nearly flawless in their cleaning capabilities. This is just one example but the Dyson 360 Eye, where it can actually map the entire house!!! The video below shows a comparison of a few different brands and how they function.




3 . Wireless LED Light-bulbs

Now this is something I had no idea was available until recently. This is a light-bulb that you can actually control through wireless technology within your home!



4 . Home Security Systems

This is an area of technology that is constantly changing and evolving. From security cameras around the outside of ones home to the SkyBell High Definition Wi-Fi Video Doorbell so you can literally stare directly at the individual ringing your doorbell!

There is so much technology throughout the market place that it is hard to comprehend all of the evolution! It really makes one begin to winder what is next! What are your thoughts on all of this change and rapid progression?


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