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I’ve received a lot of feedback about my #HomeTipTuesday, and so I’ve put together some of the most popular ones in a blog post below!


Make your bathtub white as snow with these simple steps.

Using hydrogen peroxide will help you remove lime scale, calcium stains, and yellow spots. Pour it into a spray bottle, spray on the bathtub’s surface, wait for half an hour, and then wash it off with warm water.


In a rush? Need your shirt pressed? No iron in sight?

Have no fear! Try placing the clothing in the dryer for 10 – 15 minutes with a few ice cubes… as the ice cubes melt the steam will get rid of the wrinkles .. just be sure to not try this with too many items at one time.



Hide/Blend Your Paper Towel Dispenser with the Wall!

create a crown molding shelf around your paper towel dispenser to create a sleek hiding spot and useful shelf in the kitchen!


An easy way to peel the shells off hard boiled eggs..

Just add a teaspoon of baking-soda into the water before you boil the eggs.

Colour Code Your Keys!

A neat way to organize your keys! Colour code them by dipping the top of the key in nail polish/varnish!


Hide pipes and unwanted sights in the basement

Install some mini blinds that can go above the washer and dryer for example!



Create a unique printer drawer!

Keep the electronic stored neatly away when guests are present and yet have it readily accessible if needed!


Hide the thermostat or security system behind a canvas!

A nice and innovative way to decorate any home and feel

Stuck Light bulb?

Use duct tape and press the center of a foot-long strip onto the middle of the bulb. Fold each loose end in half so it sticks onto itself. Gripping each end give a counterclockwise twist to loosen the bulb.

Soften the slam of a door!

Place a few pieces of peel-and-stick foam tripping around the doorstop.Just be sure to not cover the door latch.




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