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Please find below a summary of the #HomeTipTuesday posts on my Facebook Page through the Spring months of the year 2017!

Untangle any jewelry by simply sprinkling some baby powder and use a pin to gently pull any tangled knots apart.




Make an earthy smelling all purpose cleaner by trying to infuse a vinegar based home cleaner solution with sage or even citrus!





NO SPILL ICE PACKS! Dip a sponge in water … place it in a plastic zip-lock bag… freeze and ta-da! You have an ice pack that wont melt and spill all over.







Did you know… a straightener can double as a collar iron for your shirts!



Use a bread tab to stop you flip flop strap from breaking through once the gap for it has widened too greatly …. of course this is a temporary fix






For wine lovers try this to keep your wine chilled but not watered down by standard ice cubes.






BBQ SEASON IS HERE! Great way to serve condiments at a BBQ Party is by filling them in muffin trays, this also minimizes dishes!







Sick of losing your place from where tape was last ripped? …. Try this! Place a bread tab on the end of the tape where you last ripped it so you wont lose your spot and spend minutes… ok hours for some … looking to re start the tape.





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