With hydro, a constant area of discussion for both home owners and rental tenants alike, some small changes around your home and in your lifestyle, can have a very good impact in saving a few dollars in your wallet.

A lot of your energy bill can be attributed to the time at which electronics are being used and a term known as “phantom power”, where electricity is drawn even when an electronic device is not in use but remains plugged into an electric socket! This can range from a heater, to a night light!

Some simple tips for lowering your energy costs through the winter and all year really, can include:

  1. Embrace Off-Peak Hours! Operate large appliances late in the evening when energy costs are lower. This can include your washer, dryer, dishwasher or any other appliances that may need a long period to run.  Minimize those long hot steamy showers, especially if your water heater is electric.
  1. Free your Extra Fridge and/or Freezer. Old appliances or extra ones that are largely empty but still running can save you a significant amount of cash if they are simply unplugged for the winter season.
  1. Install a Light Dimmer. Rooms are often much brighter than necessary. It is wise to consider installing a dimmer switch to help gage and control the level of fixture output. Even switching lightbulbs can be a very minor change but have a strong and positive impact on your wallet in the long run.
  1. Bundle Up! Put away your get away outfits fit for the tropics this winter! Turning your thermostat down by as little as two degrees Celsius and bundling up with a few layers of clothing around the home can allegedly save you up to $180 per year.
  1. Check the Furnace. You can increase efficiency of your furnace by monitoring and cleaning you furnace filter every 2 to 3 months. This can help lower its energy consumption in the battle to keep your home warm and cozy through cold winter months.
  1. Caulk your Windows. Check the insulation in your home and caulk any cracks around windows/door frames. This will help eliminate any possible air leaks where heat can escape your home.
  1. Minimize Phantom Power! Plug all your devices like phone, laptop and tablet chargers into a power bar and switch this on or off when in and out of use. These devices may not be in use, but they are still drawing electricity and raising your energy costs.


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